COVID-19 and Bar & Bat Mitzvah Planning

Many families have canceled or postponed their bar and bat mitzvahs already. Others may soon have to make that painful decision. Atlanta Mitzvah Connection is here to help with answers to simcha questions that are coming up frequently in these uncertain times.

Capturing Memories

How do I reschedule our bar mitzvah celebration?

Some families have decided to move forward with just the service and postpone the party. If you intend to postpone the entire milestone, speak with clergy first to explore options. If you’re only rescheduling the celebration, consult with your family about a new date and make sure those most important to your plans can make it work. Contact your planner about making the switch in light of the current public health crisis. If you don’t have a planner, start with your venue. Then contact each vendor individually to ask about changing to a new date. Some vendors may ask for an additional deposit payment to help them keep their staff intact during this time of no large gatherings. If you need help navigating these conversations or need additional vendor recommendations, please contact me (shelly@atlantapartyconnection.com.)

How do I let guests know?

If invitations have already gone out, you have a few options.

  • Send a simple update of the original invitation, with new RSVP.
  • Send new electronic invitations using websites like evite or greenvelope.
  • If your list is small, you can call your guests individually. This can be a check-in with your loved ones as well, who will be happy to hear from you!

Do we need to return gifts already received?

No! They were sent in honor of your bar or bat mitzvah teen. The milestone will still take place, and hopefully, the gift-giver will be able to join your family at that time to celebrate.

What to Do Now: Bar & Bat Mitzvahs in 2021 or After

These are uncertain times. You might think the best thing to do right now is to hold off on your mitzvah plans since they’re so far away. But the truth is there is much you should do now to ensure you have the celebration you’re hoping for a year or more in the future.

Book Vendors

You’re hearing about it everywhere. Small businesses are struggling during this public health crisis. The vendors you may want to have create your ideal celebration are all small businesses.  If you can, use some time now to reach out to them and ask questions, review their experience and put down a deposit on your date. Funds they take in now will help keep their staff intact and ensure they’ll be operating at 100% when you need them!

Take Advantage of Deals

I reached out to top mitzvah vendors in greater Atlanta to secure special savings for you during this challenging time. Don’t let them pass you by. Visit our page of Coronavirus Mitzvah Vendor Deals, available exclusively on Atlanta Mitzvah Connection through April 2020 to find savings on photography, décor, entertainment and more.