A Tale of Two Tents: Indoor/Outdoor Bar and Bat Mitzvah Creativity

Event planner Marci Miller of The Perfect Day! recently produced two simchas in one day, making use of indoor/outdoor space and party tents, creating wholly unique experiences for each. 

Mitzvah Recaps

The Perfect Day! Events produced two unique celebrations on one day in May, each representing their guest of honor with creative flair at parties under a big top.

The Afternoon Tennis Affair

An afternoon bar mitzvah highlighted a teen’s passion for tennis and the outdoors. Held at Donaldson-Bannister Farm in Dunwoody, the luncheon celebration provided guests with staggered arrival times and different activities throughout the afternoon. DJ Mello of Atlanta Fever kept a relaxed, festive tone for the afternoon, which included a traditional hora and grand entrance of the family, giant outdoor lawn games, and a great dance party on the open-sided tented dance floor. A tennis-themed spread catered by C. Parks Catering along with Marci’s colorful racket and tennis ball-anchored décor gave guests the country club vibes the family hoped for. Read more details here.


The Evening Whimsical Garden Party

What do you get when you combine a bat mitzvah teen’s love of dance and artistic creative abilities with visual arts? A playful party that uses both to invite guests into a lush fantasy garden with handmade paper flowers and tulle and toe shoe centerpieces.

This more traditional evening celebration made the most of Phase Center’s indoor/outdoor spaces and included a lively dance party emceed by DJ Neezy, a beautiful lounge and flower wall for pose-worthy pics, and a Southern menu with creative flair by Three Sisters Catering. Read more details here.


Notes from the Planner

When considering an outdoor or partially outdoor event, keep in mind these factors:


·      A lot of décor doesn’t do well outside. Heat and humidity can take a toll on your décor.

·      Fresh flowers for a wall or major décor feature likely need to be swapped for artificial blooms, or at least bolstered by them to stand up to the weather

·      A tent is a MUST. This is essential in case of rain, and if the forecast calls for heavy storms, side walls and gutters are necessary on the tent structure.

·      Candles are beautiful but not cooperative in wind. Consider lanterns and non-flame dependent alternatives.

·      Many families consider hosting their party at home, which is a lovely plan. But keep in mind, you’ll spend some money to do it properly. To set up lighting, décor, and other elements, you’ll have vendors in your house for days beforehand.

·      Have a back-up plan for any type of celebration. A professional planner can help you think through what that might look like and manage contingencies and last-minute changes.

·   Back to tents… many don’t think they need one and then try to rent one at the last minute. That’s risky! They’re extremely popular with many families trying to host outdoor or hybrid events, and you’ll want to have arrangements made well in advance.

Looking for help in creating your unique mitzvah celebration? Check out the Atlanta Mitzvah Connection vendor directory for specialists in virtual services, décor at any indoor/outdoor venue, creative catering, and more.