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Specialty Entertainment (Green Screens, Caricatures, & More) Barry Dreyer 770-742-8910 www.flipnpics.com

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FlipnPics Flip Books is now offering Digital Sharing of your Video for FREE as your APC Deal. Flip Books is ALL WE DO and WE DO IT with a WOW Factor 10. See New Pricing on our Web Page.

About Us

FlipnPics has been providing Wedding, Mitzvah and Corporate Clients with the Most Entertaining Party Favor in America for the past 9 Years. We have performed with and provided Party Favors for The NFL Players Association, Celine Dion (Twice), Donald Trump at Mar A Lago (Long before he was POTUS), Lionel Richie, Janelle Monae, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, Lululemon, Audi, Ford Motor Company, Hess Oil, Miami International Airport, Pepsico, PWC, Reuters, Marriott Hotels, Sunny Delight, Deloitte, Northside Hospital, The March of Dimes and The United Way… Just to name a few. We are an Official Vendor of the Atlanta Mayor's Office for Film and Entertainment and We ARE Atlanta’s Most Entertaining Party Favor!
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