LiquidXcream – Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

LiquidXcream – Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

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HANDCRAFTING ICE CREAM IS OUR PASSION We believe ice cream should never be sitting in a freezer waiting to be served. Our ice cream is made-to-order, freshly prepared and frozen, right in front of you. We start our process by combining the highest quality cream base with the finest ingredients. Using our freezing agent, Liquid Nitrogen, we freeze the ice cream on the spot. You will love our premium ice cream with a delectably smooth, dense and creamy texture, creating one of your most memorable and delicious experiences – unlike anything you will have experienced before. Whatever the event, we guarantee to add the WOW factor with a sprinkling of magic! Choose your flavors in advance and liquidXcream will continuously handcraft small batches of ice cream, served in individual cups. The magic of Liquid Nitrogen ice cream will be created before your eyes. So whether it is an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, we add a safe, entertaining and exciting experience that will complement every occasion.
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