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Annette Marcus Catering will provide 5 dozen pastries or hors d’oeuvres to utilize at any of your mitzvah events or in the future when you just want to add a spark to your entertaining!

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Annette delivers personalized service and partners with clients to create the taste, look and feel they want. Clients can be intimately involved in menu planning, event design and floral arrangements. Or they can choose a turn-key approach with approvals at key points along the way. Annette has worked in virtually every Synagogue in the city and she knows how to get the job done – beautifully and efficiently. Annette and her team give every event their all. The result is peace of mind for the hosts and a meaningful, memorable Bar or Bat Mitzvah for guests. The worrying stops the minute you call Annette! “We just love working with Annette,” is the most common response we get from Bar and Bat Mitzvah parents. Annette Marcus Catering has earned a reputation for delicious, innovative Bar and Bat Mitzvah events – from an intimate Shabbat dinner, to a gorgeous Kiddush or a blowout Saturday night party. Since 1982 Annette has been the go-to caterer for dinner parties, brunches, showers, corporate events and Jewish and secular holiday celebrations.
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